‘Rusholme Jewels' 'Rusholme Jewels'
Rusholme Surgery
October 2006
Painted Steel
3.2 x 3.7 x 1.6m

'Rusholme Jewels at Rusholme Surgery
Press Release:
This new sculpture has been designed and made by artist Adam Reynolds. He worked with staff and patients as well as local shop owners on the design of the artwork which is titled ‘Rusholme Jewels’.

It uses the bridge as a metaphor for the journey to recovery and the diameter of each bridge increases as it moves away from the medical centre, adding to the idea of improved mobility or diagnosis. Each end of the line is capped with a mirrored disc which reflects the people passing by and incorporates them into the work, whether they know it or not!

Around the bridge form is a uniform helix of colourful pegs. The artist wanted to bring some of the vibrancy and colour from the high street to the sculpture and combined this with his interest in showing the human form in its most simple form. The pegs could be seen as multi-cultural communities living together or just a stream of people coming from or going to the surgery but using the helix form as a medical reference.