‘Park House' Sculptural Benches, water features
Park House

The works are now installed at Park House, the Mental Health department at Manchester Northern General Hospital.

The project was funded through the Kings Fund Enhancing the Healing Environment scheme and features ideas and artwork collected during workshops by service users, carers, staff, visitors and artists.

In collaboration with plastics artist Stella Corrall who installed artworks within the corridor spaces that run through the gardens, we installed a wall mounted sculpture using plastic and stainless steel. I was responsible for creating new seating, water features, a central sculpture and a sheltered space.

Chair in use Home Sculpture

The sculptural benches were designed to offer a degree of shelter for the user as well as an oportunity to sit alone while feeling secure.
The 'home' sculpture is illuminated at night from inside which highlights the path to the door of the house. On the out side of the plinth drawings and writings collected during the workshops are etched into the surface. Most are taken from a series of consequence story games i organised and are often amusing and off-the-wall.

collaborative wall mounted sculpture
Water Feature Home Sculpture