'Love Story’
April 2004
Painted Steel
500 x 90 x 123cm
Biddulph Moor in Staffordshire had a massive two year re-generation and public art project and i was asked to design and fabricate some bike racks for the young people at the youth centre which was in the process of being refurbished.
After consultation and workshops with the young people we came up with the 'Love Story' bike racks. They tell the story of two neighbours who finally spoke to each other at school playing netball, went on a date, got married and went on honeymoon, had children and then lived happily ever after. The final result has been well recieved and the centre now has facility to store 12 bikes.
During the workshops the young people worked with pipe-cleaners and card to help with the designs.

Far more attractive than most bike racks...