July\August 1996
Scottish Sculpture Workshop
1.1 x 2.5 x 21m

The SSW brought together an artist and two ‘young’ artists from Ireland, Sweden and England. They were:
Agneta Stenning(Stone)
Ola Gustaffsson
Anita Panika
David Kinane(Bronze)
Helen Killane
Caroline McCarthy
Keith Rand(Wood)
Beth Carter

We were given an open brief but our objective was to investigate, through collaboration, how the three materials - granite, wood and bronze could be used together.
We decided to make only one sculpture. The result was a seventeen metre single span bridge which was left untitled.

Each artist was responsible for two of the eighteen bronze brackets which joined the ten sections together.

It was sited close to the workshop on a peat bog cleared by a fire several years previously. It remained for two years before it had to be removed. A catalogue was produced. The project was funded by European Union, Scottish Arts Council and local industry.