‘Desire Housing estate sculpture trail, Kiveon and Wales, Rotherham
Desire Housing Estate Sculpture Trail
Kiveton and Wales, Rotherham
Stella during workshop

'Sheffield based, Adam has an enviable track record in delivering quality public artworks around the country and we are extremely excited at the prospect of having his work in Kiveton in the near future. His intention is that local people can have a direct influence on the future of their own landscape.'
Lizzy Alageswaran, Community Arts Officer, Rotherham Borough Council

I have been commissioned to produce a sculpture trail to compliment the new Desire housing area. Over the following year I will be engaging with the local community, delivering workshops and gathering ideas for inclusion in the trail.

I will be liasing with Strata and a number of places in the new development have already been identified as possible areas for artistic works. There are many forms the artworks could take, from water features and large landmark sculptures to bike racks and small sculptural signposts.

I am currently looking at running a number of initial art workshops with different local groups, perhaps designing and making banners to help advertise the start of this ambitious and exciting project.

If you require any more information about the project please email me:

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