‘Cheadle Sculpture Trail’ Cheadle Sculpture Trail
March 2005
Staffordshire Moorlands Council commissioned four artists to undertake three small public art trails around Cheadle town centre in Staffordshire in an initiative aimed at keeping passing trade in the area for longer and celebrating Cheadle's heritage and future.

I was responsible for fabricating the orientation work for the trails.
Powder-coated steel with self adhesive vinyl information panel and stainless steel arrows.
1200 x 430 x 2405mm

The Cheadle skyline across the top of the sign were drawn during workshops with local students

Click on thumbnails below for sculptural markers

Binoculars Sculpture Skylines Pebbles Skylines Skylines Skylines

Ian Naylor, Anthony Hammond and Kerry Morrison (lead artist) and I collaborated on the main issues but were also allowed to work individually on developing our own ideas for the trails.
My work features on the Nature Trail which winds its way up through the town to the hill overlooking Cheadle with some great views.
I made two types of sculptural marker - skylines and pebbles. The forged skylines, set into concrete were designed during workshops with local art students and include texts written by them during this time. The different skylines were drawn from various points around Cheadle, either looking towards the centre of town or out in the opposite direction.
The pebbles piece was inspired by the local industry for sand and gravel and I used local pebbles cast into epoxy resin bricks. During a workshop undertaken on an outdoor market stall, local people were invited to sign a pebble and thus become part of their town's future. I added small observational drawings on other pebbles, relating to Cheadle and the time I spent there.
The trail was opened on May 6th with a pigeon launch by local breeders.