'Butterfly Bike Racks’
April 2001
Painted Steel
each unit: 260 x 70 x 106cm
After the success of the Birchwood Bike Racks in Warrington, BPE asked me to consider another space within the estate. The problem with producing attractive looking storage for bicycles is the fixing method. The 'n' shaped, stand-alone racks, commonly used by councils have the problem that fixing is both permanent and expensive due to the ends having to be buried in concrete.
The benefit in having an aesthetic base therefore, is the ease of installation, maintenance and flexibility. Each unit can be lifted into position by two people and holds six bikes. Bike locks are passed through the wing holes and additional tails can be added to the butterflies so that rear wheels can be secured.
Corporate colours can be used to personalise the bike racks.
Please contact me for prices which include delivery and installation.