‘Barney wasn't clever but even he appreciated the irony of being stalked’ ‘Barney wasn't clever but even he appreciated the irony of being stalked’
October 2001
Mixed media + Stork
Dimensions variable

The following text is taken from the gallery hand out
view Adam Reynolds has a light-hearted approach to his sculpture, even when using a subject with more serious implications. We are pleased to show his new piece of work 'Barney wasn't clever but even he appreciated the irony of being stalked' which collates his interest in 'animating the inanimate', fact and fictional narrative.

The artist has transformed the gallery space by filling it with what seems like an unorganised pile of domestic articles… and a modelled stork. The initial play on words within the title gives us an idea as to the tongue in cheek nature of the work but the inclusion of details from a recent DTI report into home accidents suggests that this installation is not just a one-liner.

Before entering the space the viewer was confronted with the following poster.

'Domestic Killers'
Persons entering the gallery do so at their own risk. Please do not touch the exhibit. It is not advisable to make any sudden movements or taunt any of the objects in this installation but if any article is seen to move please inform a member of staff immediately. Thank you
detail As the narrative is an integral part of my work the remainaing space in the gallery was given over to the following text

I am interested in animating the inanimate, attempting to draw the viewer in to thinking about their possible influence upon everyday objects.
There has been much speculation about the role objects play in our lives. Feng Shui for example is partly concerned with the position of objects within the home and suggests that certain arrangements can enhance harmonious living. How can this be true unless there is some degree of interaction between the human and inanimate, which makes the relationship work?

We must therefore leave some sort of imprint upon the objects we use and this is the reason why some items are seen to have special powers. For example in a certain group of Polynesian islands they have carved wooden bracelets which have been passed from island to island for centuries and are said to bring good luck to the communities; bringing the strength and knowledge of all the previous generations who have held it.

I am not interested in explaining the unexplained or deep mystic theories but there is such an amount of evidence to support basic ideas of interaction and communication with objects that my work suddenly does not seem so absurd or meaningless.

Each year the Department of Trade and Industry produces a report using data gathered by interviewing patients at Accident and Emergency units in a representative sample of 18 hospitals across the UK. The data is used to understand how accidents happen at home.

The reports include information about what objects were involved in causing the accidents. By multiplying this data they are able to approximate how many injuries have been caused nationally by specific articles. The information used is taken from the most recent report that gives statistics for 1999.

All the objects are taken from my home and studio and I like to think that I have saved myself from certain injury.

Barney is in danger from the following…

Aerosol spray can, etc 1,244 Air freshener 439 Alcoholic drink (wine, beer, spirit) 35,775 Appliance lead 3,329 Ash tray 1,189 Baby's dummy 823 Baking tin, meat tray, oven pan or tray 1,317 Ball bearing 732 Balloon for party 1,335 Bandage, plaster etc 658 Barbeque 1,079 Bare floor 110 Bathroom scales 156 Beam, girder, rafter or joist 1,884 Bedspread 421 Belt or buckle 348 Bin liner or waste bag 2,762 Blank paper, notepad or gift-wrap 311 Blanket 896 Blu-tack 293 Book or file 2,707 Bottle opener 146 Box (cardboard/wood packing) 9,858 Branch, twig or wood 9,108 Breadbin 91 Brick or breeze block 9,913 Broom or brush 2,451 Bucket, bowl or pail 2,926 Calculator 1,811 Candle or candle wax 1,920 Candlestick or candelabra 476 Card 658 Cardigan, pullover 1,280 Carpet or underlay 175,200 Cassette recorder or cassette deck 55 Chain 512 Chair 21,600 Chalk 55 China dish, plate, bowl, casserole 4,335 Chipboard or hardboard sheet 786 Chopping or bread board 1,792 Chopstick 110 Christmas tree light set 201 Christmas tree 1,061 Cigarette lighter 402 Cleaning cloth or chamois leather 1,408 Clock 1,134 Cloth or material 1,756 Clothes horse or airer 860 Clothes line 1,792 Clothes peg 329 Clothes washing liquid or conditioner 165 Coat hanger 1,079 Cocktail stick 384 Coffee pot or coffee from it 238 Corkscrew 73 Corned beef tin 3,091 Correction fluid, Tippex 91 Costume, mask or hat 201 Cotton wool bud 6,584 Cotton wool 476 Crayon 512 Cup or mug or tea, coffee etc from it 13,498 Curtain 4,152 Cushion, pillow or bolster 2,981 Deodorant 640 Detergent or washing powder 878 Disc, tape or cassette 915 Doll, soft toy, teddy bear, Action Man 1,902 Door stop 805 Draining rack or plate rack 91 Draught Excluder 329 Drawer 9,529 Drawing pin 713 Dress or skirt 1,353 Dressmaking pins 384 Drill bit 933 Drink Straw 311 Drinking glass 24,509 Dust mask 55 Dust/dirt/powder 7,517 Dustpan 128 Duvet or eiderdown 2,798 Ear plug 238 Elastic band or rubber band 402 Extension lead 421 False teeth 732 File 274 Fireguard 750 Flannel or face cloth 165 Floor mop/squeezy mop 622 Flower pot 4,335 Folding or deckchair 1,518 Food mixer or whisk 549 Food slicer 1,244 Fork, spoon etc 1,774 Furniture polish 293 Fuse, fuse board 183 General cleaner 2,030 Glass bottle 8,633 Glass jar 2,323 Glass pane 3,896 Glove 146 Glue gun 91 Goggles or safety spectacles 1,299 Grater 549 Hair brush or comb 1,427 Hair dryer 585 Hammock 238 Hand or body cream, sun tan lotion 530 Hand drill or brace 165 Hat, scarf, shawl, hankie 421 Hearing aid 274 Hi-fi system/speaker 3,530 Hinge 1,225 Hole punch 18 Hot water bottle 1,427 Ink 146 Iron - steam 1,481 Ironing board 2,853 Jacket or anorak 585 Jug 1,134 Kettle or steam from it 9,456 Kitchen or table knife 28,020 Kitchen scales 18 Lamp 768 Lampshade or chandelier 1,079 Letter or envelope 823 Light bulb 3,402 Linoleum floor 11,651 Loose sand 732 Mallet 4,353 Marble 1,006 Match 786 Meat cleaver 329 Meat pin or skewer 110 Metal bar or rod 4,262 Metal girder or beam 329 Metal sheet 860 Mirror 5,396 Money or coins 10,206 Nail or tack 18,820


Open waste bin or wastepaper basket 421 Other camping equipment 37 Other toy weapon 348 Padlock 238 Paint or paint scraper 1,975 Paint pot 969 Paint spray gun 55 Paintbrush 1,353 Painting, poster or photograph 128 Paperclip 238 Peeler or corer 384 Pen or nib 1,994 Pencil sharpener 91 Pencil 1,975 Perfume or scent 1,043 Picnic, primus or camping stove 37 Picture/photo inc. frame 3,402 Pile of washing or ironing 5,176 Pillow case 55 Place mat 128 Plane or planer 2,268 Plant in pot 1,676 Plaster or filler mix 823 Plastic bag 2,341 Plastic or fibreglass laminate 1,134 Pliers 348 Plug 2,305 Practical joke or novelty 18 Printed paper, magazine, calendar 3,420 Protective hat 73 Purse wallet 476 Radio or tuner 658 Razor 2,780 Rubber glove 329 Rubber 293 Rucksack or backpack 219 Rug or mat 9,419 Ruler 219 Sand paper 732 Sandal, flip-flop 989 Saucepan or water from it 4,371 Saw 6,145 School/sport/luggage bag 677 Scissors 6,219 Scouring pad, brillo or steel wool pad 219 Screw 2,963 Screwdriver 3,823 Seed, pip or conker 878 Serving tray 1,317 Sex or marital aid (eg condom) 219 Shaving stick, cream, lotion, aftershave 366 Sheet 1,847 Shelf or ledge 521 Shirt or T-Shirt 1,353 Shoe polish 18 Shopping bag or basket 2,341 Shorts 695 Shoulder/hand/personal bag 1,646 Sleeping bag 366 Small toy car, vehicle, plane, boat 4,390 Snorkel 18 Soap 567 Socks, tights or stockings 9,639 Soft drink 384 Soldering iron 165 Spanner or wrench 1,500 Spectacles or glasses 3,310 Splinter, grit, rust, swarf, sharp particle 1,461 Sponge, loofah, bath brush 750 Spot or wall light 165 Spring 658 Stand or rack 1,811 Staple 1,024 Stapler or stapler gun 293 Stool, pouffe or footstool 18,455 Strainer, sieve or colander 91 String or rope 1,408 Strip lighting 439 Suitcase 2,103 Sunglasses 128 Superglue 1,646 Sweet 2,817 Switch 878 Table - dining 9,931 Table cloth 274 Table or board game 293 Talcum powder 55 Tap or water from it 3,457 Tape measure 421 Taper recorder or tape deck 37 Tea cloth or oven glove 622 Tea cosy 37 Tea pot or tea from it 1,097 Telephone 9,840 Television 10,224 Tent, tent pole or tent bag 640 Thermometer 37 Tin opener 1,536 Tissues 1,481 Toaster 256 Toilet roll or toilet paper 348 Toilet 12,579 Tool box 2,469 Toothbrush 567 Toothpaste 73 Torch 256 Towel 2,780 Toy with projectile 1,097 Training shoe 41,811 Trapdoor 878 Trousers 3,695 Umbrella 476 Underwear 311 Vacuum cleaner 10,206 Vacuum or thermos flask 384 Vase or ornamental bowl 2,469 Vegetable 11,632 Video game or video game 1,555 Wall paper 1,719 Water pipe 549 Wellington boot 2,890 Whistle 55 Window sash cord 219 Wire (not electrical) 530 Wire, lead or cable 2,506 Wood plank or piece 21,436 Work surface 10,919